Employment Tribunal awards £18,000 to nanny who was sacked over pregnancy

News that an Employment Tribunal has awarded £18,000 to a nanny who was sacked after revealing that she was pregnant has caught the attention of London Employment Solicitors, Joelson.

Ms Saesi Muslipah acted as a nanny for solicitor Mr Sylvain Dhennin, but was promptly dismissed from the role after confiding in Mr Dhennin’s wife about her pregnancy.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Ms Muslipah was told not to return just four days after telling Mr Dhennin’s wife about her pregnancy.

After her dismissal, the disgruntled ex-nanny found it difficult to secure another job and had to rely on state benefits, reports suggest.

Taking her case to an Employment Tribunal, Ms Muslipah claimed that her pregnancy was the sole reason she had been dismissed, and argued that the situation she had found herself in was “upsetting” and “distressing.”

In response, her former employer, Mr Dhennin, argued that Ms Muslipah’s position was redundant following his children starting nursery – and that this was the real reason behind her dismissal.

Nevertheless, after examining the evidence, the Tribunal found that Mr Dhennin had breached the Equality Act 2010 by treating the nanny unfairly due to her pregnancy.

Employment Judge Graeme Hodgson found that: “At no time prior to 22 September 2017 was it ever suggested to the claimant that her role was redundant or that the nursery arrangements for Mr Dhennin’s children would result in the claimant not being needed or losing her job.”

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