Games Register deadline looms for remote gambling operators

London Licensing solicitors Joelson is reminding remote gambling operators to ensure that their gaming data is up-to-date and accurate by Thursday 5 July 2018.

Earlier this month, the Gambling Commission launched its new Games Register as a replacement for the current test report and RGI submission process, currently used by remote gambling operators in line with their legal obligation to report on games testing.

Under LCCP Condition 2.3.1 and Section 5.5 of the Remote Technical Standards (RTS), operators must submit game test reports to the Commission.

Following the introduction of the new Games Register on Tuesday 5 June 2018, operators will no longer be required to submit reports via email, as was previously the case, and must instead add details of the games they offer to customers on the new Register.

The Commission has “pre-populated” its Register with the details of any previously-submitted games, but is urging operators to access the system via e-Services, in order to check these records are up-to-date.

Users must then “add, withdraw and reinstate” details of their games before Thursday 5 July 2018.

Those who already hold a relevant licence will be able to access the new Register automatically through the Gambling Commission’s e-Services in order to do this, it has said.

The Register enables users to edit details about their random number generator (RNG) games either “individually or through a bulk upload service.”

Users can also download their Register in full as a CSV, while those who hold a software licence will receive a “unique game register reference” whenever they update game details.

This reference number will then need to be provided to any businesses that provide the game to consumers, as these companies will need to use the number in order to make their own entry to their Games Register.

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