Gender discrimination in the workplace exposed by research

Numerous studies highlighted by the press in recent weeks have pointed towards a growing ‘gender gap’ in workplace opportunities and a rise in discrimination against women London Employment Law Experts Joelson can report.

Research from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has suggested that pregnancy or having children can have negative impact on female opportunities in the workplace.

According to the ATT, one in every five UK mothers believe that they have been passed over for promotion, while a further one in ten have been refused a pay rise following a pregnancy.

Furthermore, 12 per cent of women told the ATT that they were ‘put off’ having children in the future due to fears that it would hinder their career progression, whereas 72 per cent if men said that they felt no such fears.

A separate study carried out by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggested that pregnant and expectant mothers were facing increasing discrimination during the recruitment process.

70 per cent of employers told EHRC that they thought female job candidates ‘should declare pregnancy’ during the recruitment stage, while 25 per cent added that they had quizzed female interviewees about their future parenting plans prior to making an employment offer.

Additionally, further research from Strathclyde University has suggested that women are more likely to face ‘weight-based discrimination’ than their male counterparts – even if they have “a medically healthy BMI range”.

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