Joelson has for many years been developing links with China to assist Chinese companies and individuals coming to the UK for business purposes and to acquire residential property.

Over the course of the past three years, a number of the partners have visited China and formed links with a number of Chinese law firms, many of whom have signed a memorandum of understanding with our international network, ELN. Most recently Sheldon Cordell visited Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou both to cement our relationship with these firms and to meet certain of their clients. This trip was undertaken together with partners from other ELN member firms and was extremely successful.

Recently, Joelson hosted a seminar for a visiting Chinese delegation of dignitories from various judicial, legal and police departments.

Our employment and immigration teams have built strong connections with accountants, corporate and financial advisors who are experienced in dealing with Chinese businesses wanting to set up or grow in the UK. With ELN, we are able to help internationally.

The property team has developed links with a number of companies – developers, agents and relocation specialists to cater specifically for those seeking to acquire property in the UK either for themselves, their children or for business purposes.

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