Manager who was sacked after developing MS speaks out

A man who was sacked from his job after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (and later won a Tribunal claim against his employer) is campaigning to raise awareness of workplace discrimination.

Andy Davies, who worked as a business development manager for Touch Logistics, had been forced to take several months off work because of the debilitating effects of his illness.

When he felt well enough to return to work, Mr Davies said that he was confronted with unreasonable demands and was dismissed from his £100,000 a year post just before Christmas four years ago.

The 51-year-old said: “They tried to offer me a new contract with completely unfavourable conditions. There was no way I could accept it.”

“I was then asked to attend an occupational health assessment. But I found the assessor had no understanding of MS and hadn’t even seen my medical notes. Within weeks of the assessment, I was fired on the grounds of ill health.”

“I was devastated. I felt like this was a decision that had been made even before the assessment – they thought I couldn’t do my job properly because of my diagnosis. I knew this was wrong, so I took legal action.”

At a subsequent Employment Tribunal, Mr Davies was awarded £4,000 for unfair dismissal, £60,000 for lost earnings and £20,000 for disability discrimination.

A survey recently conducted by the MS Society found 24 per cent of those living with the condition believe their employer has treated them badly.

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