Myles has played an important role in some of the most significant residential and commercial developments in London during his career. Having previously worked as part of the in-house counsel for Canary Wharf Group PLC’s construction group, he is ideally placed to provide advice on all aspects of construction law. He joined Joelson in January 2017 and leads the firm’s Construction Law team.

When not representing clients for Joelson, Myles likes nothing more than to go to the gym to work out or he can be found delving into a good book. He is also passionate about skiing and takes whatever opportunity he can to hit the slopes.


Myles is a specialist in all areas of UK construction law, contractual and dispute resolution.

He has experience advising clients on all legal aspects of construction projects, looking after their interests and facilitating them in achieving their objectives.

Myles has extensive experience in the residential, commercial and retail sectors and also acts on all construction aspects in relation to development finance.

Myles’s dispute resolution work for clients includes cases involving defective works, payment issues, traditional construction time and money disputes, and health and safety compliance issues. He also frequently advises on cases involving construction insolvency and insurance issues.

A former Canary Wharf Group PLC in house counsel and acting for over 15 years for some of London’s leading developers, he has worked extensively on some of the most substantial UK commercial and residential developments.

Myles’s clients include substantial developers, property investors, development funders, contractors and professional consultants.

He is an active member of The Society of Construction Law and The Law Society.