Senior Employment Contracts & Directors Service Agreements

Senior Employment Contracts & Directors Service Agreements

The Joelson employment team advises senior executives on the terms of any employment contract or directors service agreement they have been offered to enable them to negotiate for better terms if appropriate.  We can undertake such reviews for a fixed fee.

We ensure that the terms and conditions of employment offered are fair, suitable and meet your individual needs by thoroughly reviewing the agreement, its terms, policies and any other documentation proposed by your prospective employer, such as:

  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Bonuses, share options and incentive schemes
  • Confidentiality agreements/clauses
  • Training and progression
  • Notice provisions
  • Restrictive covenants

Because we also advise employers we understand how your employer will be thinking. Knowing the tactics employers and their lawyers use helps us to achieve the best result for you.

Why Joelson ?

Our top-ranked employment law team (The Legal 500 independent guide to the UK legal profession) specialises in advising senior executives on their employment contracts and directors service agreements across a wide range of industry sectors.

We are known for giving commercial, tactical advice and have an excellent track record in assisting in the negotiation of contractual terms and employment packages.

We will help ensure that you get the best possible terms. You will be able to start your new role with confidence and a full understanding of everything you are signing up to in your contract and related policies.

If you would like a review of the employment contract or directors service agreement that you have been offered please call Jennifer Maxwell-Harris, employment partner on 020 7580 5721.

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