IR35 – Employment Status Audit

IR35 – Employment Status Audit

The new IR35 rules are scheduled to come into force in April 2021 and many businesses are seriously considering the impact of these changes on their business and how they engage with their consultants.

As well as the additional compliance checks that must be carried out in order to determine whether or not the consultant could in fact be an employee or a worker, businesses will now have a positive obligation to consider if IR35 applies.  Failure to comply with this obligation and to accurately determine employment status will prove highly expensive for employers.

We can help to navigate this potential high risk area by carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment to understand the company’s exposure and liabilities both in terms of IR35 and any related employment rights.  We can also assist you in preparing consultancy agreement  agreements to deal with IR35 and employment status issues.

To discuss how we can help you comply with your positive IR35 obligation please contact Jennifer Maxwell-Harris on 0207 580 5721.


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