Am I Due a Bonus?

Am I Due a Bonus?

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Bonuses can form a significant part of your remuneration package so it is important to be aware of your rights in the case of a dispute. We offer expertise in this area of law.

We have offices in Central London and advise senior executives in London, the South East and nationwide. Recognised for our ability to provide concise, creative and straightforward legal advice, we offer support and bespoke advice to those faced with disputes involving bonuses. If you are looking for excellent value legal services from employment solicitors that you can trust, choose us.

Is your bonus contractual or discretionary?

Bonuses can be either contractual, discretionary or a mixture of both. This often means that, while you might be entitled to be considered for a bonus, your employer has the final say as to whether the bonus will be paid and at what level.

Sometimes bonuses are guaranteed during the first year of employment (to compensate for a bonus lost by leaving former employer).  Your bonus may be contractual and due regardless of individual performance. In these cases, if your employer fails to pay your contractual bonuses by the stated date, you may have a claim for recovery.

Where a bonus is stated to be discretionary you may be able to obtain payment from a reluctant employer where that discretion has been exercised invalidly or where you have been told the level of bonus you are likely to receive.

How Joelson can help

We can assist by advising you on whether you are due a bonus and where applicable by writing to your employer seeking payment of the same.  Where necessary we can help you bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal or at Court.

If you need advice or have any questions in relation to your bonus claim please contact Jennifer Maxwell-Harris on 020 7580 5721.

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