Disciplinary & Grievances

Disciplinary & Grievances

Do you need help in bringing a grievance? 

If you are a senior executive who needs advice on drafting and pursuing a grievance in accordance with your contract of employment and/or staff handbook, please contact us using the Enquiry Form below. Our firm is known for giving practical support and guidance to senior executives on all disciplinary and grievance matters.

One of the main priorities will be to help you to identify and formulate the issues as you draft your grievance. We will then be available at all times to assist you as you progress through the grievance process, providing you with tactical advice to help you achieve your ultimate goal, be that the disciplining of a colleague, a move to another department, or an exit on favourable financial terms. Often, grievances can result in Employment Tribunal claims and we are well equipped to handle such matters.

Do you need help in defending disciplinary action against you?

If you are a senior executive who has been threatened with disciplinary action for alleged misconduct and/or poor performance, it is important to urgently seek legal advice on the options available to you. If you are subject to a disciplinary hearing, we can provide support and guidance on what to expect, how best to defend the allegations being made against you and help you to argue for a reduction in any sanction that may be levied against you.

At Joelson we look out for your best interests and always have your aims and priorities in mind. We will ensure you have confidence in your position and will guide you successfully through any grievance or disciplinary matter.

As we also act for employers, we know what your employer is thinking. We use this insider knowledge to better protect and defend your position.

Our experienced employment solicitors have been ranked amongst the best lawyers in the UK in the latest Legal 500 guide so you know our advice can be relied upon.

If you need support with a grievance or disciplinary please contact Jennifer Maxwell-Harris on 020 7580 5721.

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At Joelson, we recognise the importance of helping others and putting something back into the community. We have a history of fundraising for good causes and throughout 2021 Joelson is proud to be supporting The Brain Tumour Charity.

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