Sheldon has had, and continues to have, an extensive and varied career in the legal business world, which spans over 35 years of actively advising clients. Sheldon is Chairman of Joelson, and began his career as a trainee with the firm in 1978, becoming a partner in 1984. As head of our Corporate & Commercial team, Sheldon advises UK and international clients on a wide range of transactions, in between passionately supporting West Ham, playing squash and tennis with perhaps a little less energy than previously, and keeping fit jogging the streets of London.


Sheldon advises clients on corporate transactions and provides his input on many other matters across the board. His approach to transactional work is the understanding of deal “drivers” and close integration throughout with clients at all different levels and with the other advisers involved in the transaction.

  • In the leisure and media space he has helped clients to buy and sell football clubs, nightclubs and hotel chains, and to set up and acquire hotels and casinos in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Africa and has advised on one of the leading new “large” casino operations in the UK; he has handled mergers of pub groups; assisted well known UK restaurant groups to set up business in the UK and overseas, and advised overseas restaurants and food groups on setting up in the UK and on generally transacting business here. He has helped well known leisure groups to set up online operations in overseas jurisdictions, working closely with regulators, tax advisers, and local counsel.
    He has worked with an English Rugby captain on a famous club move, and with leisure and Safari Park operators to organise visitor attractions. He has handled many high profile deals in the telecoms and media sector too, including – events, exhibitions and conference businesses, publishing and “knowledge” businesses, and has acted for major international telecoms companies making investments in the UK and in developing joint ventures, products and new markets.
  • Sheldon works alongside many well known CEOs of public and private businesses. He particularly enjoys leading legal teams overseas jurisdictions, and acting for entrepreneurs in a range of sectors wishing to grow, build value, and sell their businesses.
  • Over the course of his career he has acted on and led numerous IPOs and fundraises. On AIM listings he has worked with companies in the Food, Travel, Retail, Oil and Gas and Resources, and Leisure and Fashion sectors – and has helped these companies to make acquisitions and to access further funding.
  • He has advised management teams frequently on buy-ins, buy-outs and “roll-over” transactions – in particular he has advised the management team of the largest privately held company in the UK over a ten year period. Relevant sectors include leisure, hospitality, media, fashion, facilities management, hotels and card processing.
  • Sheldon has helped pharmaceutical companies to set up and trade successfully in the UK and has also handled sales of UK medical businesses and clinics and health businesses, and advised clients on the exploitation of medical technology, know-how and devices.
  • In the finance sector, Sheldon has handled the mergers and sales of financial services, insurance, actuarial, pensions and accountancy businesses and has also helped renowned overseas banking and insurance businesses with their UK set ups, and other UK legal needs.

As well as providing corporate and commercial legal advice, many clients turn to Sheldon at an early stage for advice in weighing up different business options ahead of committing themselves to final decisions. He is particularly passionate about helping start-up businesses to develop and works closely with business founders.

Sheldon is the Chairman of ELN (European Lawyers Network) and regularly represents ELN in its dealings with external organisations and other law firms. Sheldon travels frequently in Europe and to the Far East, helping businesses with their set up and investment plans for the UK.

*Sheldon is a director and shareholder in Sheldon Cordell Limited, which is a corporate member of Joelson. Any reference to him as a partner should be taken as a reference to the corporate member of which Sheldon is a director and not to him as an individual partner.

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