Corporate News Roundup - August 2020

Posted Friday 28th August 2020

Gymshark swallows up unicorn status

Following the sale of a 21% stake in the clothing business, Gymshark has been valued at more than £1bn. The company joins an exclusive list of British businesses that have reached unicorn status.

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Top 15 UK Tech start-ups raising capital in 2020

Despite slowing investment, there have been some huge fundraising rounds in 2020. Beauhurst details the 15 top Tech Startups in the UK this year. No prizes for guessing who tops the list…

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A virtual world tour

Tech Nation are leading the way during London Tech Week with the opportunity to virtually hear from leading tech figures in Australia, Singapore, Europe, the UK and US. They will discuss how to expand and scale in different regions post Covid-19. Sign up for free!

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Crowdcube offers start-ups an alternative to IPO

Crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, aims to offer start-up shareholders a way to liquidise their stock without going through an IPO. The platform will provide retail investors an opportunity to buy up to €8m worth of secondary shares from later-stage European start-ups.

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Nearly 600 firms have been approved for the Future Fund

Almost 600 firms have had funding approved from the Government’s Future Fund since its launch in May. The fund ‘issues convertible loans between £125,000 to £5 million to innovative companies which are facing financing difficulties due to the coronavirus outbreak’.

Joelson has supported a large number of clients in connection with successful Future Fund applications and continues to do so as the deadline for applications expires at the end of September.

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Habito raises £35m

The digital mortgage provider has raised £35m in a Series C funding round. Habito originally provided home buyers with a digital solution to find and compare mortgages. Since the continued success of the business they are now able to offer home buyers a Habito mortgage.

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A kids book hits $1 million in revenue in ten days

Entrepreneur Jelani Memory has written a series of children’s books aimed at tackling tough topics such as racism, disabilities and feminism – amongst others. The books have been so popular that the company generated $1m revenue in just ten days.

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Podcast: how to raise capital for your startup!

Philippa Sturt, Managing Partner at Joelson, joins Maxim Cramer on Cutting Through Tech podcast to discuss how startups can raise capital. Philippa outlines the different ways you can fund your business (and her opinion on each), how the current COVID climate has impacted investments and the UK’s Future Fund Scheme.

Philippa shares real life stories from clients, which are great insights for any founder.

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