Mallow & Marsh

“Thank you so much to Joelson for helping Mallow & Marsh on its sale to Serious Sweets. We had received multiple recommendations to instruct Joelson and we were not disappointed. Their legal knowledge and expertise is second to none, along with their sector knowledge in the food & drink/consumer space. Their dedication and relentless support throughout the transaction was remarkable and I am hugely grateful.”

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, Founder of Mallow & Marsh

With Intelligence

“Once again, thank you to Phil and the whole team at Joelson for guiding us through another deal and step in our expansion strategy. We have worked with Joelson since we set up the company in 1998 and cannot speak highly enough of them. We gave them a tight time scale and a lot to achieve but it all came together impeccably.”

Phil O’Toole, Chief Financial Officer at With Intelligence


“We are delighted to have had Joelson work with us on this exciting acquisition and during this period of growth for Talan. We were led by an excellent team of lawyers who brought humour, fun and patience to each interaction we had with them.”

Laurent Dherbecourt, M&A Director at Talan Group

Dash Water

“Joelson were selected for this next stage in our development coming highly recommended from industry leaders and we were delighted with the outstanding service we received. Thank you team Joelson!”

Alex Wright, Co-Founder of Dash Water

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for your advice and support……This has been a very challenging (personally and financially) period for me. Your advice, and the extra lengths you went to in order to assure me…..was a source of great assurance through this testing period.  I will never hesitate in recommending the services of Joelson”.

Jas Lall, Founder of

Earth & Wheat

“Joelson has provided valuable consultation on a number of commercial affairs. Signature Flatbreads (UK) LTD recently launched a start-up within the organisation, known as Earth & Wheat. The team at Joelson has helped mitigate risks for our start-up, as well as formulate new supplier agreements for third parties which are on-boarding onto the Earth & Wheat sustainability marketplace. Their professionalism and thoroughness enables us to make confident commercial decisions. Many thanks to the team.”

James Eid, Founder

Tiba Tempeh

“Phil and the team at Joelson have been vital to delivering our latest successful funding round using their legal and commercial expertise. We appreciate all the hard work and look forward to continue working with Joelson as Tiba Tempeh reach new heights”

Alex Longton, Founder & Managing Director at Tiba Tempeh


“In addition to Joelson’s dedication and expert advice, their commitment to ESG made them the perfect legal partners for us. We are committed to working with businesses which share our values, are forward thinking, and aspire to be part of a bigger purpose and global movement. 

Paul and the team provided excellent support to us and navigated us through the acquisition with ease. Thank you Joelson for your continued and invaluable support.”

Vincent Bryant, CEO and Co-founder of Deepki


“It was great working with Jo, Jayneil and Yana in the commercial disputes team. Not only did we achieve a successful outcome, but the service throughout was first class. I would highly recommend any business to use their services”.

Samuel Brooksworth, CEO of Remoteli

Cool Camping

“Our sale to Hipcamp is an important step for Cool Camping and we are immensely glad to have had Paul and his team there to guide us through the legal challenges. We are delighted to have partnered with Hipcamp, which is similar to Cool Camping in many ways and shares much of our philosophy and vision. Joelson are extremely well-informed, responsive and great to work, which makes life easier for companies like us. Thank you, Joelson!”

Jonathan Knight, Founder


“Joining forces with Swvl is an exciting step in the Zeelo journey! We’re passionate about developing the mass transit industry and this is an opportunity for us to reach a wider audience. Thank you to Phil and the whole team at Joelson. They have been with us since the very early days and have been a great support for us as we’ve grown and expanded. I could not recommend Joelson highly enough.  They are smart, commercial and a great sounding board for any founder in the tech space looking to raise finance and scale.”

Sam Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeelo

Little Moons

“We wanted to work with the best legal firm in the consumer space on this deal as it was such a significant milestone for us and the business. We were looking for a firm who understood our vision and who also had deep experience doing similar deals. Joelson got great references from other founders and have been fantastic during the whole process. We’ve been impressed by the entire team and would happily recommend them to other founders. We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with them following this deal. A huge thank you to Phil, Paul and the rest of the team.”

Vivien & Howard Wong, Co-Founders of Little Moons

Rock Up

“Phil and the team at Joelson are the perfect legal partners for us we have worked with them from the very start, they have support us brilliantly and navigated us through the sale with ease – which came with its challenges including taking place during a pandemic.”

“Aaran and I are delighted to be staying on with Hapik to further develop the business with the original philosophy of Rock Up. Thank you Joelson for your continued and invaluable support over the past seven years.”

Heidi Duckworth, Executive Chair and Founder of Rock Up

Believe in Science

“Having worked with Joelson whilst at both innocent and Graze, it was a no-brainer to bring them in on Believe in Science. Phil and the team have been fantastic from the start and continue to be as supportive, responsive and technically astute as ever and it has been a pleasure to have them as our legal advisers.”

Anthony Fletcher, Founder of Believe in Science


“Paul and the team at Joelson have been our trusted advisors for over three years, helping us successfully navigate numerous funding rounds along the journey. We are delighted with the result and pleased to have had Joelson guiding us through this exciting time in our growth once again.”

Jonathan Petrides, Founder and CEO of allplants


“This further investment place Elvie in pole position to capitalise on the $50 billion opportunity that the femtech market is predicated to be worth by 2025 – and that’s only the beginning. We won’t stop until we have fulfilled our ambition to create the go-to destination for women’s health at all life stages; providing sophisticated, accurate and personalised solutions.”

“Paul and the team at Joelson are an excellent partner to us – because of their responsiveness, attention to detail and understanding of our vision for Elvie and the scale of our growth plans.”

Tania Boler, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Elvie

Antonia Kinlay

“Thank you to the team at Joelson for helping me achieve this fair result. I hope this inspires other actors to step forward and fight for fair treatment and not accept discriminatory practices. Jenny and Reema were attentive, meticulous, and extremely supportive throughout the whole process.”

Antonia Kinlay, British Actor


“We are delighted that Pulsin is now part of S-Ventures which will continue to grow the Pulsin brand in the UK and internationally. We have been very impressed by Joelson’s expertise in this field as they navigated us through this transaction. We appreciate all their hard work and recommend them to any business owners needing similar legal business advice.”

Simon Ashburner, Managing Director of Pulsin

Addison Lee

“We are delighted to have worked with Joelson again on this transaction.  Having worked with them for many years they always deliver and continue to provide us with the practical, commercial advice that we need as we continue to grow our business. They are always great to deal with, responsive and always go the extra mile when it comes to supporting the key developments for Addison Lee. This acquisition will allow us to continue serving our clients with the utmost safety and comfort around London.”

Liam Griffin, Chief Executive Officer at Addison Lee

Pageant Media

“Joelson have once again been our go-to advisers for this acquisition. They always guide us carefully through the acquisition process with excellent communication and fast response times. We are delighted to have partnered with Pension Funds Online and look forward to the next phase of our business journey. Thank you to Phil and the whole Joelson team for the excellent result.”

Phil O’Toole, Chief Financial Officer at Pageant Media


“Joelson is the perfect partner to support founders through all stages of a growing business. They’ve supported Plenish through several fundraises, setting up an EMI scheme, employment law and an eventual exit to Britvic PLC. Their wealth of experience in FMCG has added so much value and I’ve never met a harder working team!”

Kara Rosen Founder of Plenish

Stoke Park

“Joelson steered us carefully through this sale, always taking the time to communicate clearly with us and outlining the options and decisions we needed to make, every step of the way. The successful outcome is not only testament to the long-term relationship we have with them but their extensive experience and enthusiastic approach. Thank you for all the hard work from Sheldon and the whole team at Joelson.”

Chester King, Managing Director of Stoke Park


“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Joelson team and benefited from their previous experience to ensure it went smoothly and seamlessly. We are so excited for the next phase of our business to continue to help make veganism mainstream. We are delighted and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this a success.”

Kate Inshaw, Financial Director of TheVeganKind

Direct Life & Pension Services

“Joelson has guided us through three transactions over the past four years – one MBO, and two significant investments, and we wouldn’t want anyone else. Joelson’s understanding of our needs shone through from the outset. Their advice went way beyond the legal issues and guided us to a successful conclusion from a personal and business perspective. We were always convinced they had our back, acting with our best interests at heart, minimising our costs, maximising our opportunity and always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you guys!”

Rob Quayle, CEO of Direct Life


“Joelson delivered expert guidance and counsel throughout the transaction and we believe that Anabas and Armonia’s customers will benefit hugely from the deal. We are glad to have found a law firm that shares our values and ethos and at the same time, likeminded, personable lawyers to assist us in the process. It is a great time for us to be doing business in the UK and we are grateful for Phil and the rest of the team in ensuring this deal completed smoothly and on time.”

Patrick Thélot, Founder and President of Armonia


“Joelson have now guided PROPER through two successful deals. It is a true testament to the long-term support and relationship we have with them. Paul and the team have been truly focused and attentive throughout the whole process. PROPER took nearly a decade to build and Joelson understood that finding the right partner was a major moment for me personally and the business. We are delighted and deeply appreciative of Joelson’s hard work in making this a successful deal.”

Cassandra Stavrou, Founder of PROPER

Pasta Evangelists

“We have enjoyed working with Joelson over the past four years since our inception, they have been with us since the start, supporting us every step of the way. Their understanding of our business and values have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth delivery of this deal. The sale is an exciting step for us and we are glad to have had Phil and his team to advise us throughout. Their in-depth sector experience, commitment and pro-active approach has been so valuable in getting this deal completed in these challenging times. We look forward to working with Joelson in the future – I would highly recommend them to any consumer business.”

Alessandro Savelli, CEO & Founder of Pasta Evangelists

Eat Natural

“We really wanted to have advisers who understood our business and our industry. Selling our business was such a milestone in our careers and came with significant emotional turmoil. The team at Joelson were fantastic. Knowledgeable, calm and willing to go the extra mile at all times to get us to this point. Their commercial understanding of the sector, ability to handle all aspects of the transaction and manage all the stakeholders was a key part in the success of this exciting deal.”

Praveen Vijh, Co-Founder of Eat Natural

Richland Resources

“We received outstanding support throughout the process from Joelson. Matthew, Phil and the team provided excellent counsel throughout and enabled us to achieve a smooth and successful acquisition of GAR, completion of fundraising and re-admission. This acquisition builds on our existing business model and enables us to transform our approach.”

Bernard Olivier, Chief Executive Officer of Richland Resources

New England Seafood International

“Joelson has been our legal partner and advisor for the past five years and has worked with us on a number of key business and structural events. With every interaction, the firm has provided calm, balanced advice and good counsel. Phil and his team have an excellent commercial understanding of our sector and the issues of note, meaning that any time (and money) spent is productive and adds enormous value.”

Dan Aherne, Group CEO of NESI

Pageant Media

“This is the first acquisition Pageant have completed since our own transaction with ICG completed in February this year and we are delighted to be able to close this important transaction with the continued support of Phil and the team at Joelson.  They were able to orchestrate the overseas teams brilliantly and were, as usual, a pleasure to work with.”

Charlie Kerr of Pageant Media

Four Quarters

“The Joelson team helped us and advised throughout all the stages to get the deal completed. They were always available for our many questions and talked us through the various legal stages as the drafts went back and forth. It was a pleasure to work with Joelson and I hope we can continue the relationship in the future.”

Marc Jones, Four Quarters Co-Founder

ERA 50:50

“Joelson are hugely supportive of our objectives and campaign for gender balance, providing professional, clear and helpful advice. They are a key partner in our journey.”

Polly Kemp and Karin Paynter

Richard Corrigan

“Our progress over the last 20 years has gone hand in hand with the great work done for us by our lawyers – Joelson.”

Richard Corrigan, Chef Patron of Corrigan's Mayfair, Bentley's Oyster Bar and Grill, & Bentley's Sea Grill, Harrods, London

Tamarind Restaurants

“Joelson is a conscientious firm believing in building long term relationships with their clients. They are my go-to firm for all personal and business matters.

They have helped us at various times and we have relied immensely on their guidance during important transactions.”

Rahul Khanna, CEO Tamarind Restaurants


Paul Chiappe has been our legal counsel since I first started the company. He has a fantastic team at Joelson and together, they’ve supported us through both our Series A and Series B raises. I would definitely highly recommend Paul to any start-up out there looking for someone to lead on the legal side, especially for any fundraiser.”

Tania Boler, CEO

Clarion Events

“As always, Joelson went above and beyond for us and it was a pleasure to work with Phil and his team again.”

Simon Kimble, CEO Clarion Events


Valtech has executed many successful M&A transactions around the world. The Joelson Corporate team, stand out. Pro-active, always looking for solutions, they don’t hang around, one of our favourite advisers. We are looking forward to the next deal.

Josephine Theron, M&A Director at Valtech

Sam Labs

Joelson puts the client first. They are fantastically supportive and provided excellent commercial-minded guidance throughout the process. It felt like having our own in-house legal

Joachim Horn, Founder and CEO of SAM Labs


“If you are reading this, pick up the phone and make an appointment with Joelson now, you will not find a better law firm. They have that extremely important and rare combination of legally perfect, commercially savvy and fun to work with. Thanks again for your dedication. Seeing our funding round is now closed, I miss you already.”

Huib (Hub) Van Bockel, Founder Tenzing


It has been a privilege to have been represented by the team at Joelson. They gave us a highly professional and 24-hour service throughout the transaction.

Having built up a business over 28 years we wanted the right lawyers. We were more than delighted with the service, and certainly felt they went the extra mile for us!

Anne Currell, Group CEO


“It has been a great pleasure working with the team at Joelson. In my experience they have a uniquely smart and creative approach to business structuring and transactions, alongside consummate professionalism and a great sensitivity to the needs of Founders and other stakeholders. I’d say working with Joelson significantly enhances the chances of completing a transaction with a good outcome.”

Justine Roberts, Founder & CEO, Mumsnet


“The team at Joelson have been great partners for our business… responsive, commercial, and have added value to our company, from assisting with drafting standard legal documents to full blown commercial negotiations, they have a unique skill set that caters extremely well to the increasing demands of a high growth business.”

Brent Hadfield, Cafepod Ltd

Matthews International Corporation

“The M&A team at Joelson has proven to be a key partner for our company as we expand our presence in the UK market.

The lawyers at Joelson are technical experts in M&A deal structuring, but also bring a practicality that is refreshing and helps build immediate trust amongst Matthews International’s commercial leadership team. As a company, we’re exceedingly grateful for Joelson’s expert counsel and cost-effective support.”

Brian Walters, Matthews International Corporation

Kinnerton (Confectionery) Company Ltd

“It was a pleasure working with Joelson and we are very happy with how quickly we got to a simple but comprehensive contract for international markets.”

Marcel Aerts, Kinnerton (Confectionery) Company Ltd

IT Lab

“This is a momentous deal for IT Lab and provides an excellent platform for us to continue our successful organic and acquisition growth strategy. I am very grateful to the team at Joelson for helping our team through this process. Their commitment and commercial approach was key and the team at Joelson were great to deal with and excellent at cutting to what was and wasn’t important. They really went the extra mile on this one.”

Peter Sweetbaum, CEO, IT Lab

Addison Lee

“Thank you to the team at Joelson you really delivered on this deal, your commitment and proactively was essential – a great result and team effort.”

Andy Boland, CEO, Addison Lee

Open House London Limited

“Here at Open House London Ltd we have worked with Joelson for a number of years. Their technical knowledge and skill in advising on licensing generally (and securing premises licences for our new venues specifically) have been evident throughout. They are effective strategists and good communicators.  Commercial common sense, underpinned by an ability to really understand our business. They combine considerable experience of the industry with a personable and approachable manner, making them both accessible and highly effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joelson to other operators in the hospitality sector.”

Richard Clegg, Director, Open House London Limited

Merkur Casino UK Limited

“I would highly recommend the Joelson litigation team to anyone who needs a lawyer to not only fight their corner with tenacity and shrewdness but to achieve very successful results. They are part of our management team, the first people I call when I need good, tactical litigation advice. Not only they clever but they are  also a pleasure to deal with.”

Nick Harding, CEO, Merkur Casino UK Limited

Oliver Maki Limited

“Supporting us every step of the way, the extensive team at Joelson have been professional, cordial, and timely. Members of the team have treated our project with vested-interest, and regarded our business as their own.”

Joe Hajjali, Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Maki Limited

Pret A Manger and Itsu

“The team at Joelson are entrepreneurial and focussed on getting the right result for their clients.  I would highly recommend them to any entrepreneur or business.”

Julian Metcalfe, Co-founder, Pret A Manger and Itsu


“Ceviche was merely an idea 2 years ago. We are now a thriving new business operating with confidence thanks to the belief and support from partners such as Joelson.”

Martin Morales, Owner

The Real Good Food Company

“The advice we got from Joelson was, as usual, proactive, clear and practical. The timetable was tight but the team made sure we got through everything in good time and with zero fuss.”

Pieter Totte, Executive Chairman, The Real Good Food Company PLC

HIUT Denim and The Do Lectures

“When we were selling our clothing brand to Timberland, we were lucky enough to have Joelson as our lawyers. He was world class, and I use that term very rarely. He gave us some excellent advice. And we ignored it. It turns out he was right. Next time we will listen.”

David Hieatt, Co-founder, Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures

Sustainable Ventures Development Partners

“Thank you Joelson. It felt as though Joelson effectively became members of the entrepreneurial team here at Sustainable Ventures as they seamlessly applied their calm and rigorous approach in delivering the first Sustainable Ventures exit – we look forward to working with Joelson again.”

Andrew Wordsworth, Managing Director, Sustainable Ventures Development Partners

Ugly Brands Ltd

“The team at Joelson supported the Ugly business from concept to launch (an 18 month process!) and offered incredible guidance and support along the way. The advice we received was invaluable and made the process of bringing Ugly to life as smooth as it could possibly have been. It was a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to continuing our relationship in future.”

Hugh Thomas & Joe Benn, Co-Founders, Ugly Brands Ltd

Bet Trade Limited

“Joelson fight your corner through thick and thin, do so proactively with effectiveness, and take bullets for you along the way. What else can a start-up wish for…”

George Georgiopoulos, Founder and Director

Innocent Drinks

“A key partner in our business’ success, we’ve been working with Joelson since our very beginnings. Smart, entrepreneurial and commercial – our favourite law firm.”

Richard Reed, Co-Founder

Licensed Solutions Ltd

“We have worked together with Joelson on a number of Administration projects involving licensed premises. Unlike a number of high profile law firms whose lawyers are not necessarily experts in this field, they always deal with matters in a timely, focused and proactive manner. With Joelson we know that our clients are in safe hands in what is a technical minefield and would not hesitate to recommend them to any bank or insolvency practitioner dealing with a distressed business in the leisure sector.”

Tony Tilden, Managing Director, Licensed Solutions Ltd

Iceland Seafood International

“I have worked with Joelson on a variety of legal matters including banking, sales and acquisitions over the last 6 years across two food groups, during this time they have constantly proven themselves to be innovative and pragmatic in their approach and have added considerable insight to the processes. In our most recent acquisition their first rate team gave sound advice and ensured we completed on time. A thoroughly professional and enjoyable team to work with – I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Lee Camfield, Chief Operating Officer, Iceland Seafood International

Certified B Corporation