Business Immigration

Business Immigration

At Joelson we provide specialist immigration advice and assistance to businesses, families and individuals. Whether you are planning to come to the UK for business, work, study or family reasons, or are already in the UK and looking to extend your stay or apply for permanent residency, we can help you.

We can assist with obtaining a wide range of visas and advise you on the criteria you need to meet.  We work closely with accountants, tax advisers and asset management advisers, together with our own corporate and property teams to ensure you obtain the best all round advice for your business and personal circumstances.

Business Immigration

HIUT Denim and The Do Lectures

“When we were selling our clothing brand to Timberland, we were lucky enough to have Joelson as our lawyers. He was world class, and I use that term very rarely. He gave us some excellent advice. And we ignored it. It turns out he was right. Next time we will listen.”

David Hieatt, Co-founder, Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures
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