Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility

The Urban Mobility sector is about making workplaces, education and leisure accessible to everyone within an urban area. It is full of innovative activities and technologies, often centred around doing so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. As with any new industry, it comes with new legal and regulatory challenges to navigate.

We are pleased to have a range of clients operating in the space, including technology companies and alternative transport companies. Many use electricity as a power source and some are now branching out into hydrogen and other alternative methods.

Our recent experience includes:

  • Advising Zeelo on its latest fundraise of $12m. Zeelo offers commuters living in car-dependant areas a sustainable alternative transport – in the form of coaches.
  • Advising Addison Lee on its acquisition of the London operations of Computer Cab.
  • Advising on the sale of E car on their first crowdfunding exit.
  • Advising Addison Lee on a significant restructuring.

Our Services

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

We have partnered with Ecologi and are now a Climate Action workforce. Through Ecologi we are planting trees across the world to grow our own forest to offset our carbon emissions.

At Joelson, we recognise the importance of helping others and putting something back into the community. We have a history of fundraising for good causes and this year Joelson is proud to be supporting City Harvest.

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