Our B Corp Journey

It has been Joelson’s mission to become a B Corp since 2018 and it has been an eventful 5 years to say the least!


Joelson advised Douglas Lamont (CEO) at Innocent with their application to become a B Corp and helped innocent adopt the legal change.



We completed our initial impact assessment form to assess where Joelson was at and which areas we needed to improve on. We scored just 54 points.

Joelson met with Greenheart, a B Leader and environmental consultancy firm to inform the partnership about the process and commitment involved in becoming and maintaining B Corp status.


The Joelson Partnership were all on board and we formally engaged our consultants, Greenheart, to help identify the areas we needed to work on to become a B Corp.

Covid-19 pandemic put a pause on B Corp certification work for the rest of this year.


Better Business Act

Joelson re-engaged with Greenheart as we went back to the office and hoped for the post-pandemic world to come back to some kind of normality.

We joined the Better Business Act.


We partnered with Ecologi in order to offset our emissions via UN Gold Standard projects.



Joelson received volunteers across the entire firm to implement new policies and improve the way we operate across the main key impact areas. We are so grateful for all the volunteers who made this B Corp goal a reality!

In April we made the legal change in advance of our submission in June.


After eagerly waiting 12 months and going through a stringent evaluation process, Joelson receives B Corp certification in July.

Where is Joelson now?

A five-year journey, initially inspired by our client, innocent has evolved into us being able to help our other clients too. Receiving B Corp status is a monumental step in Joelson’s history, re-shaping our purpose, our mission and what is important to us. We needed over 80 points to become a B Corp and we are delighted that we achieved 86.1!

“We’ve been inspired by our clients and the B Corp principles to become a business which seeks to be a force for good in the world and the ethos and values are part of what we stand for at Joelson.”

Phil Hails-Smith, Managing Partner

B Corp News


Our B Corp Clients

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

We have partnered with Ecologi and are now a Climate Action workforce. Through Ecologi we are planting trees across the world to grow our own forest to offset our carbon emissions.

Certified B Corporation