Corporate News Roundup - October 2020

Posted Thursday 29th October 2020

Featured: The start-ups aiming to hack brains

Neurotechnology isn’t a new concept and it has slowly become a reality as a number of companies begin to raise investment. Who are the European start-ups looking to connect humans to machines?

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BrewDog raises £1m in 48 hours

The craft beer retailer has launched a crowdfund with a stretch target of £50m. In the first 48 hours they were able to raise £1m and have already hit their initial target.

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Raylo raises £10m to shake up phone ownership

Raylo is offering customers an alternative way of owning a smartphone, one that is more sustainable and – equally as important – cheaper than the disposable culture we have today. The UK based firm will use the investment for continued expansion as they expect rapid growth over the next few months.

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DANCE – the E-bike subscription service raises €15m

Just three months after launching, the former SoundCloud founders, have raised €15m in a Series A investment round for the E-bike start-up. The service will aim to reduce the cost of owning an E-bike as prices are currently prohibitively expensive for many would-be consumers.

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BlackRock invests $118m for electric vehicle Arrival

E-transport is a booming industry at the moment and this latest investment from BlackRock into electric van manufacturer, Arrival proves it. The London-based company will use the investment to ramp up production of its fleet of electric vehicles.

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A £90m fund for proptech

BNP Paribas Real Estate and venture capitalists, Fifth Wall have joined forces to launch a European Proptech Fund. The fund will aim to accelerate start-ups that are enhancing the London and European property industry. This brings good news to an industry deeply affected by the current pandemic.

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Why start-ups need IP protection – now more than ever

Leveraging IP and confidential information can help start-ups stand out from competitors, which is vital as the pandemic continues to have an impact on the success of businesses. This month, Joelson hosted a webinar to help start-ups that need to protect their inventions.

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