Joelson signs statement uniting with over 1700 leaders at COP28

Posted Monday 11th December 2023

Our Managing Partner, Phil Hails-Smith, has joined over 1700 leaders, uniting for a 1.5°C plan at COP28, signing a letter in order to achieve a historic outcome during the climate emergency.

Phil is among the 1700 CEOs, investors, NGOs, health professionals, scientists, academics, youth, faith leaders and more who are pushing for this outcome at COP28.

We support all countries in delivering the 1.5°C aligned plan, which will ensure the safety and health of the plan for future generations to come. The COP28 Presidency has repeatedly pointed to the letter as a source of evidence to push for the best possible outcome. Click here to find out more information and how to sign the letter.

Joelson, having become a certified B Corp earlier this year, is committed to environmental stewardship, reducing its impact on the planet and is actively involved in tackling the climate emergency.

Phil Hails Smith, Managing Partner at Joelson, says:

“We fully support this plan and urge all other business leaders, CEOs, investors, health professionals, scientists, academics, faith leaders and NGOs to step up and sign this important letter too.”

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