Diversity Data 2019

Diversity Data 2019

Diversity in the Legal Profession

Joelson participates in the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) annual ‘Diversity in the Legal Profession’ data collection exercise. As part of this we are required to publish a summary of our workforce diversity data. Everyone who works at the firm is invited to complete the data collection exercise and in the most recent survey (March 2019), 67% of those eligible completed it.

Of those who completed the exercise:

7 were partners including non solicitor partners
19 were other fee earners including solicitors
12 were non fee earners (including secretarial and support staff)
2 preferred not to say

This summary covers 6 areas of diversity data.

71% of the partners were in the 45-54 age bracket and the remainder were aged over 55
73% of fee earners are under 34 , 16% between 35 – 44 , 11% between 45- 54
46% of non fee earners are under 34 , 15% between 35-44, 31% between 45-54 and the remainder were aged over 55

83 % of partners who responded in the London office were male
Fee earners were 42% male and 58% female
Non fee earners were 50% male and 50% female

3% of those who responded considered themselves to have a disability

63% of respondents were white and British English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish, 15% were any other white
10% were Indian
3% were African

Socio-economic background
85% of respondents attended school in the UK
Of them, 55% attended state schools and 25% attended fee paying schools

Caring responsibilities
18% of respondents had primary carer responsibilities for a child
13% of respondents had other caring responsibilities

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The Brain Tumour Charity

At Joelson, we recognise the importance of helping others and putting something back into the community. We have a history of fundraising for good causes and throughout 2021 Joelson is proud to be supporting The Brain Tumour Charity.

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