Litigation News Roundup – July 2021

Posted Friday 16th July 2021

Joelson: New Technologies and the Future of Remote Hearings

As various measures taken during the pandemic are slowly being lifted, many are wondering which of the changes are here to stay. Find out what Lord Chancellor said in his speech at the Law Society last month.

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Joelson: Impartiality of Expert Evidence Under Scrutiny

Expert evidence may seem like one of the most reliable forms of evidence to be presented as part of court proceedings. However, the recent judgment exposes the fact that even this type of evidence is not always unbiased or uninfluenced.

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Joelson: New Requirements for Witness Statements

Witness statements signed on or after 6 April this year, in both new and existing proceedings of the Business and Property Courts, will now be subject to even further rules and restrictions.

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Joelson: The e-scooter trials have begun!

Find out where they are taking place and how the safety standards differ in London compared to at national level.

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Dishoom criticises M&S for video recipe resembling its signature breakfast dish

M&S posted a video tutorial on Instagram of a chilli, egg and bacon naan which Dishoom claims is inspired by its own Bacon Naan Roll and did not receive credit for.

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Four fashion retailers investigated over forced Uyghur labour 

Allegations against leading fashion brands by a French prosecutors over exploiting forced labour in the Chinese Uyghur community to manufacture products.

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Apple warns leaving the UK market

Tech giant Apple threatens to leave UK over a £5 billion legal row, after The High Court ruled that Apple had infringed 2 Optis patents.

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