Litigation News Roundup – June 2021

Posted Friday 11th June 2021

Joelson: What is adequate Security for Costs?

The case between a supplier of mobile phones and their former solicitors provides guidance on how security for costs should be provided and what the courts must take into account when considering security for costs orders.

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Joelson: The implications of Covid-19 for UK Law: What does Lord Justice Sales have to say?

Find out Lord Sales’ thoughts and concerns surrounding the short and long term, positive and negative implications of Covid-19 on UK Law.

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Joelson: Who owns copyright in software developed whilst working from home? Employer or Employee? 

It is important for employers to consider who is granted ownership of original works or inventions whilst working from home. A recent decision in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court will be reassuring for employers.

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Joelson: Supreme Court provides guidance on the interpretation of “deliberate act” in an insurance policy

The line can be blurry between deliberate and reckless acts. The Supreme Court recently concluded that recklessness requires a very different state of mind and rejected that deliberate acts should also include reckless acts.

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Lidl removes gin from shelves in dispute with Hendrick’s 

Lidl stores in Scotland have been instructed to remove one of it’s gins, after being sued by Hendrick’s for trademark infringement based on similarity of products.

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Amazon allows customers to sue after 75,000 Alexa complaints

Now Amazon customers can pursue claims in a court of law following complaints that Alexa has been collecting voice recordings.

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Cuthbert the Caterpillar returns with a new feature

Aldi’s cake now returns with new eyes. Find out how this could have a bearing on M&S High Court claim.

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