Real Estate News Roundup - August 2021

Posted Friday 3rd September 2021

Who owns London?

London has some of the most expensive real estate in the country but who owns it? Property Week have joined forces with Datscha to reveal who owns the biggest sections of the capital. Take a look and see.

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House prices accelerate through August

August saw property prices accelerate once again with an average increase of 11%. Despite the stamp duty reduction starting to taper off, property prices recorded their second largest month-on-month rise in 15 years.

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London office lettings are looking up

Is the office a thing of the past? It doesn’t seem that way. In the three months leading to June, office rentals in London were at the highest volume since the first lockdown.

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£1.4trn private rented sector

According to a recent report by Shawbrook Bank, the private rented sector in England, Wales and Scotland has grown, reaching a total of £1.4trn. The increase in demand for rented property is good news for landlords following a period of difficulty.

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Build-to-rent will see banks becoming landlords

Following in the footsteps of Tipi, the UK’s pioneering build-to-rent company, many large scale investors are looking to create their own properties as rental demand shows no signs of slowing. Lloyds Banking Group is the latest to enter the market with plans for 50,000 properties in the next decade.

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