Corporate News Roundup - December 2020

Posted Friday 1st January 2021

Crystal Ball

2021 start-up predictions

As we leave 2020 behind it is time to start looking forward to what the new year will bring. Sifted have gone a step further and put ‘pen to paper’ (text to screen?) for all to see. What are their predictions for the start-up scene in 2021?

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Mosa Meat raises £56m to produce lab-grown burgers

In 2013 Mosa Meat showcased the first cultivated beef burger as they begin to develop ‘clean meat technology’. The company have now raised £56m in a Series B funding round and brings together a number of leading investors. It may be a few years before the products make it to consumers but the future of meat production is not too far away.

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Review: 2020’s largest tech IPOs in Europe

Although a number of tech firms decided not to IPO once the crisis hit, 2020 was still a good year for European start-ups floating. UK Tech News have created a roundup of largest IPOs across Europe last year.

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Samsung partners with Grover to capitalise on smartphone rental market

Buying a top-end smartphone has become expensive in recent years which has led to an increase in second-hand renting schemes. Until now, brands have resisted partnering with such schemes but Samsung has now joined forces with Grover to help customers get hold of their handsets at a more reasonable price. If you can’t beat them, join them…

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The London start-up taking on Zoom with a virtual office

Cosmos, an online platform that creates virtual venues has raised £2m in seed funding to bring the office to home. The start-up was founded by entrepreneurs from Citymapper and TransferWise to provide human interaction without being together physically.

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Joelson advises Eat Natural on sale to Ferrero Group

We were delighted to finish 2020 with such good news. We have advised the Founders of Eat Natural on its sale to the Ferrero Group, the global confectionary company. The sale will see the Ferrero Group maintain and grow the Eat Natural brand.

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