Corporate News Roundup - March 2021

Posted Friday 26th March 2021

50 exciting female entrepreneurs

There are currently 3,831 companies that have a female founder and have raised funding since 2011. Beauhurst have profiled 50 of the most exciting founders to watch this year and beyond. Who are they?

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Who are the main seed investors in Europe?

With thousands of seed-stage investors based around Europe, start-ups have no shortage of financing options. So how do founders narrow down which investors to target? Sifted is a good place to start as they details the top seed investors in Europe.

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Passion Capital opens fund to crowd

VC firm Passion Capital is using Seedrs to open up its fund to crowd investors. This is the first time a European VC has been raised funds in this way and will allow retail investors a chance to join the VC pie. As fun as it may be for individuals, they will be “strictly passive investors”.

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Is there diversity across founders?

According to new reports, eight of the UK’s 23 unicorns are founded by ethnic minorities but of those eight, none are founded by women or Black people. There is a startling lack of representation across certain ethnicities and women throughout British business.

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Joelson advises Armonia on acquisition of Anabas

The French facilities management provider, Armonia, acquires UK based Anabas. The two companies’ combined geographical reach will be increasingly attractive to customers and demonstrates the continued interest of overseas buyers in the UK despite Brexit.

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International Women’s Day 2021

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we spoke with two of our clients to hear about a time they have witnessed gender inequality in the workplace and any instances where it has or hasn’t been challenged.

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