Gaming Software

Gaming Software

We are able to advise developers of gaming software used in:

  • Virtual event webpages;
  • Virtual event control;
  • Bet capture/matching;
  • Settlement;
  • Random number generation;
  • Gaming records, showing detailed results of games.

Our advice covers such issues as:

  • Whether particular software is caught by the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 with the consequence that the Gambling Commission’s licensing and technical standards requirements are triggered;
  • The licensing and compliance consequences arising from the location of both the business manufacturing, supplying, installing or adapting gaming software and the customers of such a business;
  • The requirements for a Personal Management Licence to operate a gaming software business, unless the small-scale operator exemption applies;
  • Whether it is possible to seek a Linked Gambling Software Licence rather than a full Gambling Software Licence;
  • The drafting and negotiating of software licence agreements and intellectual property licences;
  • The drafting and negotiation of software licences in relation to the acquisition and use of affiliate marketing software and licences in relation to the acquisition of content for use on gaming websites;
  • Drafting and negotiating payment processing agreements.

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