Joelson uncovered: How we celebrate this time of year!

Posted Thursday 17th December 2020

At this time of year, Joelson is normally in full festivity mode and gearing up for celebrations in the office with colleagues and out of the office with family and friends. In recognition that the upcoming festive period is going to look quite different to previous years, we have pulled together a summary of how we usually enjoy spending this time of year!

Despite not being physically together at Joelson, we wanted to do this to feel “together” in what we will miss and what we will be planning instead.

Therefore, we asked our team for their thoughts and here is a snapshot of what we uncovered at Joelson…

What are your two favourite things about the festive season?

“Mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas parties!”

“Family and friends all celebrating together as well as seeing my work colleagues/friends be joyful and excited for the festive period.”

“Really, really tacky Christmas decorations.”

“Time off! Seeing family (as far as we’re able…)”

“Opening presents on the bed on Christmas morning. The smell, look and feel of a properly decorated tree.”

“Just two! Food, family and presents!”

“Family and general indulgence.”

Do you have a fond memory from a previous year, you would like to share?

“Proposing on Christmas day.”

“My late nan drinking a pint of baileys (she didn’t drink but thought it was just a creamy drink) and she was so drunk that she mucked the whole dinner up. Needless to say we had a very crispy dinner that year.”

“Getting a pogo stick when I was a child and spending all afternoon outside in the rain trying to learn… I was a natural”

“A few Christmases ago, I decided to write and record a song for family and friends. Once I’d recorded it, I got a bunch of CDs made and posted them all over the world. It was really lovely both to have an excuse to write a Christmas song and then to reach out to lots of old friends…”

“My son playing in the snow on Christmas Day.”

“Getting a Sega Mega Drive in 1993 is probably still the stand out…”

“Too many to choose one.”

Favourite festive food?


“Bread sauce – so what?”

“Cold turkey sandwiches with mayonnaise.”

“Bubble and squeak (made with 50% Christmas Dinner leftovers and 50% parmesan).”

“Christmas pudding.”

“Probably cheese (with wine).”

“Pigs in blankets and stuffing!”

How will you be spending it this year?

“At the rental units.”

“I’ll be at my brother’s house and my expectations for his cooking are high.”

“We’re not yet sure. Planning on being with my family but we’re at the mercy of nursery updates as various bubbles are being told to isolate… We might end up spending Christmas in Tottenham.”

At home with my wife.”

“With my little family at home! There will be lots of delicious food as I love to cook and some competitive games for afters!”

“It will be a quiet Christmas with close family.”

“In my own house for the first time.”


What is your favourite festive tradition?

“Champagne with breakfast (and the continuous consumption thereof thereafter)”

“Going to the pub on Christmas eve with my family and then us all regretting it the following morning.”

“Swimming outdoors in open water! (Although I haven’t done it for a while…)”

“Christmas eve drinks and bumping into people I hadn’t seen since the previous year’s Christmas eve.”

“My family never opens presents until Boxing Day when we all sit in a big circle and watch each other open one present at a time. It takes ages and eventually people get bored and wander off to make cups of tea etc. But it is fun when someone opens a truly horrific gift!”

“Long walks, xmas day run, sharing presents, being with family.”

“Last year, leaving out a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa (and a carrot for Rudolph) felt really special. My son was really excited to find the crumbs and the carrot top in the morning… For us, I think we’re enjoying reigniting these traditions from our childhood for our kids.”

Wishing everyone health and happiness this festive season (however, you are able to safely spend it), from everyone at Joelson.

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