Licensing & Exploitation

Licensing & Exploitation

Intellectual Property (IP) and its commercial exploitation is a fundamental part of many of our clients’ businesses. Whether a software or games developer, a publisher, an online retailer or a celebrity chef, the monetisation of IP and the legal complications relating to this are dealt with by members of our team, on a daily basis.

We advise on all forms of commercial agreement for the licensing, acquisition or disposal of IP rights.

Whether we are assisting clients with the strategy required in order to exploit specific IP rights for a product, the licensing of a software product or the exploitation of image or other form of brand rights, we have an in-depth understanding of the key commercial drivers to make deals happen.

This knowledge, together with our technical expertise, assists clients in various sectors in order to ensure that they are able to derive the maximum benefit out of their IP assets.

In many instances, such actions will involve a claim in respect of Trade Mark infringement and passing off.

We regularly advise clients, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other online intermediaries in connection with defamatory postings on websites and blogs. In many instances such advice assists in ensuring that offensive postings are removed speedily and effectively and suspends access whilst the necessary investigations are undertaken.

We frequently advise ISPs and other online intermediaries in respect of measures which they can implement to assist in avoiding liability for internet defamation. This advice will often include a review of the existing policies and procedures in place to ensure that terms of use are clear and that complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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