Registration & Protection

Registration & Protection

IP rights are a key asset of the modern business. We advise clients in connection with the rights it has, how to protect them and how to ensure that registration continues unfettered.

Whether you have a Trade Mark or logo or have designed an item or product which requires protection or registration, we can advise you on your legal rights. We can ensure that you have the appropriate protection and registration.

We work closely with Trade Mark agents and patent attorneys to ensure that the process of registration is undertaken as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We are often asked by clients and their funders to undertake IP audits. We assess the IP within an organisation and advise upon whether there is adequate registration and protection in place.

It is often a key part of any acquisition or disposal of a company or its assets to assess the quality of the IP within the target and the possibility of challenge following completion of an acquisition. Our team of highly experienced practitioners has the technical experience of assessing and reviewing the likely impact of a lack of protection and the practical solutions to ensure that risks are reduced.

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