Leasehold and collective enfranchisement

Leasehold and collective enfranchisement

Owners of leasehold flats or houses have various statutory rights which allow them to enhance the value of their property. Joelson have a strong team of enfranchisement practitioners who provide advice on a range of matters from the straightforward to the most complex.

The process for leasehold and collective enfranchisement is full of potential pitfalls. There are complex procedures involved and strict deadlines to be observed. Joelson’s experienced team have the knowledge and expertise to be able to successfully drive claims forward to completion, providing clients with the highest level of practical and commercial advice.

Joelson are members of ALEP (the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners), a professional association committed to maintaining a consistent high level of service, integrity and professionalism for those working in the area of enfranchisement.

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