Business Reorganisations & Restructuring

Business Reorganisations & Restructuring

There are many reasons for reorganising or restructuring a business such as:

  • separating or rationalising different trading activities.
  • isolating a regulated activity from other parts of the business.
  • removing land / property from a trading group.
  • enabling former partners / shareholders to operate separate businesses if they can’t or no longer want to operate together.
  • saving all or part of a business which has financial problems.

There are various ways to achieve these objectives, depending on the state of the company and the goal you’re working towards. We can recommend the most appropriate route to fit your needs and circumstances. We will work with your tax advisers to make the scheme tax efficient. Joelson’s property and employment teams and our IP team will also play their part when needed.

If your business is in trouble, we can also work with your insolvency practitioner and creditors to save the company if possible. We will help to minimise potential risks to directors.

We have extensive experience in helping clients to obtain or renegotiate debt facilities and in restructuring companies for any of the reasons outlined.

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