High Potential Individual Visa

High Potential Individual Visa

The latest of the Home Office’s new visa routes, the High Potential Individual visa, is due to launch on 30 May 2022. This visa route will allow graduates of top global universities to live and work in the UK for up to two years, or three years for graduates with PhD level education. Crucially, this visa is not sponsored and applicants do not need to hold job offers from a licenced sponsor prior to applying.

Applicants specifically need to have graduated from a top university ranked within the top 50 globally, and they must have done so within the five years prior to their application. Specific rankings are used for this purpose and the Home Office will provide a list of eligible universities for each year. Applicants will additionally need to meet English Language and financial requirements.

Dependants can join applicants on this visa route. It cannot however be extended and does not lead to settlement, so applicants would need to switch into other work visa routes prior to expiry of their visa in order to remain in the UK.

Fees for the High Potential Individual visa are advertised as £715 plus the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is currently £624 for the majority of applicants.

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