Disciplinary & Grievance

Disciplinary & Grievance

London Employer Disciplinary & Grievance Solicitors

In order to handle disciplinary and grievance issues effectively, an employer must proceed carefully. If proper procedures are not followed, the implications can be costly and time consuming. We provide tactical guidance for employers on such matters.

We serve the needs of employers based in London and throughout the UK. We offer specialist expertise in employment law matters and boast a team of forward-thinking and commercial employment solicitors.

Protecting Your Organisation

When handling disciplinary matters and grievances, following procedures, gathering documentation and securing evidence are critical. It is important to ensure you follow a fair process when conducting either a disciplinary or grievance hearing, as any mistakes could lead to a costly claim.

Planning in advance is key. Our specialist employment solicitors will work with you to protect your business. We use our in-depth knowledge of a number of industry sectors and experience of representing employees to predict and identify any possible areas of weakness. At all times, we work to avoid challenges and complexities.

Our London employer disciplinary and grievance solicitors can assist by getting involved at an early stage, and guiding you through the best process to achieve an effective resolution. We are able to put your business in a position where it can successfully defend any subsequent Employment Tribunal complaints that may arise should the matter later escalate.

We can assist employers by providing bespoke in-house training sessions to managers and HR departments on the best practice handling of disciplinary and grievance matters. We can also review your existing procedures or draft new disciplinary and grievance procedures tailored to your business.

If you need support in dealing with a disciplinary or grievance matter please call Jennifer Maxwell-Harris, employment partner on 020 7580 5721.

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