Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies & Settlement Agreements

Determining a proper exit strategy with guidance from a specialist employment solicitor allows you to retain control over what can be a challenging process.

When the relationship between your business and one or more of its employees deteriorates, it is important to have a legal team available with sufficient experience to be able to advise you on the issues that can arise. This is especially important given the high level of compensation that can be claimed if you get things wrong. You will want to make certain that the best interests of your business are protected. And, where a settlement is reached that it is binding and removes the risk of any future claims. Our employment law team will provide the clear advice your company requires.

We advise employers on tactics around exits and severance packages. Our advice is clear and concise.  We find innovative and commercial solutions for our clients in making personnel changes. Having proper agreed exit strategies in place will help protect your business.

Experienced London Exit Strategy & Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Negotiations and decisions around when to offer settlement terms can present a number of challenges. Typically, this should involve careful consideration of tactics and options. We can provide clear advice on possible claims and their potential value, allowing you to make an informed decision for your organisation.  We can also advise you on how best to make an approach for settlement on a without prejudice or protected conversation basis.

Once settlement terms are reached, we ensure that the terms are binding, either by way of settlement agreement or COT3.

If you would like tactical advice around exiting an employee (at any level up to and including director level executives)  from your organisation please contact, Jennifer Maxwell-Harris employment partner, on 020 7580 5721.


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