Employment Law Advice for Senior Executives

Employment Law Advice for Senior Executives

Top-ranked Joelson advises senior executives on their employment law issues.

Advice given includes negotiating the most favourable terms when you are presented with a new employment contract and high value settlement negotiations  on exit. We have extensive experience advising on the enforceability of all forms of restrictive covenants, as well as on issues relating to bonuses.

We advise employees undergoing disciplinary procedures and employees bringing grievances against their employers. We are also experienced in whistleblowing claims. We have specialist expertise across the discrimination field and have had considerable success in resolving claims, both through settlement and litigation.

Since we also offer employment law advice to employers we can see the bigger picture and understand how your employer thinks. Knowing the tactics employers and their lawyers use, helps us to achieve the best result for you.

What Joelson Can Do For You

We cover the full spectrum of employment and discrimination law, including:

  • Negotiating settlement agreements including high value share options
  • Advice on offers of employment and employment contracts, as well as service agreements, consultancy and NED agreements
  • Advice on breach of contract claims and bonus disputes
  • Advice on unfair dismissal claims (including constructive unfair dismissal)
  • Advice on discrimination claims
  • Advice on team moves
  • Advice on the enforceability of restrictive covenants
  • Advice on bonuses and other incentive schemes, including Long Term Incentive Plans

The vast majority of our senior executive clients come to us from client recommendations.

If you would like an initial discussion about your matter please call Jennifer Maxwell-Harris, employment partner on 0207 580 5721.


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