How to Bring an Employment Tribunal or High Court Claim

How to Bring an Employment Tribunal or High Court Claim

Joelson’s expert Employment Tribunal and High Court litigation solicitors can help you get the best result whether you want to bring an employment related claim in the Employment Tribunal or the High Court.

We understand that bringing an Employment Tribunal or High Court claim against your employer can be highly emotive and stressful, that your case may take considerable time to get to Tribunal or Court and that you may have worries about costs.  We ensure that clients receive regular updates on the progress of their cases and also in relation to costs. We are always available, should you wish to discuss any aspect of your claim.

We regularly assist our clients in bringing claims in the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and the High Court. We offer you a completely personal service. This includes: advice on the merits of your case in its initial stages, the drafting and submitting of grievances to your employer, using our tactical expertise to try and force the employer to the negotiating table, drafting your claim and submitting it to the Tribunal or High Court and representation at Tribunal or in Court from preliminary hearings all the way through to judgment or appeal.

All of our team are highly skilled negotiators. If you wish, we can deal with your employer or its lawyers and try to resolve your case on favourable terms before you incur the costs associated with making a formal legal claim. This approach if successful should reduce your costs and avoid the stress and strain of you having to give evidence as part of the Court or Tribunal process.

Where the issue of a claim becomes necessary we will continue to find opportunities to push for settlement and achieve the best possible result for you. However, if this means taking your case all the way to Court or Tribunal, we have recent experience of successfully doing so.

If you would like to discuss your claim and how best to resolve it please contact Jennifer Maxwell-Harris, employment partner, on 020 7580 5721.


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