If you have “blown the whistle” in the workplace about what you believed to be a breach of a legal obligation by your employer – such as criminal activity, regulatory breach, a health and safety breach or an attempt to cover up wrongdoing – you are protected by law. This protection applies if you are an employee, worker or a member of a Limited Liability Partnership.

Whistleblowers who subsequently experience detrimental treatment by their employer – including bullying, harassment or discrimination, being dismissed sacked or forced out as a result of having blown the whistle, should seek expert legal advice.

In these circumstances you may have a claim against your employer subject to you being within the applicable deadline.

Expert Advice

Our London employment solicitors provide straightforward legal advice on whistleblowing claims, avoiding legal-jargon and offering a clear explanation of where you stand.

We have experience of advising on whistle blowing across a wide range of industry sectors and ensure that our advice is tailored to your particular circumstances, taking account of the specific issues you have raised with your employer.

Whistleblowing — How do I know if I can bring a claim?

We will advise on whether or not your employer has breached whistleblowing legislation and whether you have a valid claim. We can also offer guidance on how much the claim may be worth and the options available for reaching a settlement.

As a team we strive to deal with matters before they progress to Tribunal and we have extensive experience of obtaining favourable settlement terms for our clients.

If the case cannot be resolved by negotiation, we are experienced in pursuing tribunal proceedings.

If you need advice or have any questions in relation to the above, please contact our London employment lawyers on 020 7580 5721.

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