Employment Contracts, Handbooks & Policies

Employment Contracts, Handbooks & Policies

Part of the success and value of a business depends on how it protects itself from risk.

To protect your business from disputes and litigation, it is important to have tightly drafted employment contracts, policies and handbooks. Because you want these documents to be legally enforceable they should be drafted by an employment lawyer.

We offer clear guidance on employment contacts, handbooks and policies, with fixed price quotes where possible, to enable your business to put in place a solid, low-risk legal foundation.

We are specialist employment lawyers and advise organisations throughout London and the UK. Our team works with HR professionals and business owners to produce tightly-drafted employment documentation, including:

  • Offer letters
  • Employment contracts (including fixed term, zero hours etc) and directors’ service agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements – with individuals and through their service companies
  • Non-executive director (NED) agreements
  • Employee handbooks and policies
  • Bonuses schemes
  • Settlement agreements
  • Post termination restrictive covenants
  • Confidentiality agreements

Senior Management Contracts

Your business needs to have up-to-date employment contracts in place for all its employees. For senior employees (who could be a greater potential threat to your business if they were to move to one of your competitors) key clauses to include are garden leave, confidential information and restrictive covenants. To be enforceable these clauses need to be carefully legally drafted. We can put in place all the relevant clauses to protect your business.

Senior staff (including directors) need to have carefully drafted restrictive covenants to prevent them from stealing your clients (for a limited period of time) or staff, or from joining your direct competitors.

Are Your Contracts Up To Date?

Employment law is constantly changing. To reduce the risk of claims from employees, it is important to review your policies and procedures legally regularly and check they are applied in a consistent manner across your business.

We can assist in keeping your policies and procedures up to date, in a cost-effective and efficient way with our ‘Reminder Service’.

As a trusted source for competent employment law guidance, we can provide ongoing legal support throughout every stage in the growth of your business, including management training. We can also assist in defending Employment Tribunal claims against your business.

By developing a strong working relationship with you from the very beginning, our solicitors know the style of advice your prefer. As they understand your business, they can quickly grasp your situation and provide commercial advice that is relevant to your immediate and long-term needs. We maintain long-standing, stable relationships with our commercial clients.

If you need help in drafting any form of employment documentation please contact Jennifer Maxwell-Harris for fixed price fee quote on 020 7580 5721.

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