Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal Solicitors London

Where you have over 2 years’ service and you feel as though you have been unfairly or wrongfully treated or dismissed by your employer, we recommend you seek guidance from our experienced employment law solicitors.

If you have been dismissed, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal. Or, where you remain employed, you may be entitled to resign and claim constructive unfair dismissal. Our experienced team offers competent, personalised and knowledgeable legal advice for employees in London and throughout the UK.

No-Nonsense Advice

We provide straightforward legal advice tailored to meet your particular situation. Our employment solicitors provide creative, flexible, cost-effective solutions for legal challenges in the workplace. We are a no-nonsense team that is willing to fight for your rights, regardless of how complex matters may be.

Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal — How Do I Know if I Can Bring a Claim?

We will advise on whether or not you have a valid claim, how much the claim may be worth and on the tactics you could use to try and obtain a settlement.

Because we have significant experience in handling employment matters from the perspective of both employees and employers, we can see the bigger picture and understand how both sides think, helping you get the best result. We strive to settle matters before they reach Tribunal or Court and have the negotiation skills necessary to reach a favourable outcome on your behalf.

If matters cannot be settled outside Tribunal or Court, we will provide the best team to fight your corner at the Employment Tribunal or in Court.

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