Settlement Agreements For Senior Executives

Settlement Agreements For Senior Executives

Have You Received a Settlement Agreement?

We specialise in helping senior executives with their exit negotiations and signing off their settlement agreements and our expertise is recognised by our ranking in the Legal 500 (the main independent guide to the UK legal profession).

Many of our senior level clients have valuable LTIPs including bonuses, stock options and/or deferred equity awards which can be key elements in any exit strategy.

If you are unhappy with the terms on offer, we can help you in securing the best possible exit package.

We use our expertise to assess your legal position allowing you to make a fully informed decision having received our expert tactical advice on your options. Read our recent article on senior exit strategy.

Increase The Value of Your Exit Package

Our top-ranked employment solicitors are known for giving straightforward, tactical advice. We have a great track record in negotiating increases in the value of exit packages. We can advise you on the value of any possible claims you may have against your employer and weigh up whether the offer contained in your settlement agreement is fair.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

Once signed, this is a legally binding agreement made in full and final settlement of all and any potential claims. In simple terms it prevents you from making any claims against your employer in return for a settlement payment and any further terms set out in the agreement.

To protect your ability to do what you want in the future, it is imperative that you receive legal advice before signing such an agreement. We will make sure you receive a fair financial settlement to compensate you for any claims you may have.

Fast Same-Day Settlement Agreement Service

Where required we provide a same-day service and will call you back on the day you make your enquiry. Advice is usually given by telephone or we can provide face-to-face advice at our offices in central London.

Our sign off fee (which your employer will usually cover) includes advice on whether the level of compensation you have been offered is fair and represents adequate compensation for the claims you will be waiving in signing the agreement.

If, following our assessment, you are unhappy with what’s on offer, we can negotiate on your behalf for an increased settlement sum and more favourable terms.

What Can Your Agreement Include?

  • Pay in lieu of your notice period
  • Bonuses
  • Share options
  • An agreed reference
  • An agreed leaving statement
  • The waiving/amendment of restrictive covenants in your employment contract
  • Protection against derogatory comments
  • Keeping company property (e.g. mobile number, company car, laptop etc)
  • Extension of certain specified benefits after termination such as health cover
  • Outplacement support

Independent Advice from Joelson 

Your employer may give you a list of recommended law firms. You should not feel obliged to go to a firm recommended by your employer. Many clients contact us because they wish to receive truly independent advice from lawyers who are not afraid to fight on their behalf for the best possible exit terms.

Please call the Joelson employment team to discuss your settlement agreement on 020 7580 5721.

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